Smart Sales Engagement

Never has engaging the sales force required more attention. Based on numerous independent surveys, most contests, promotions, training, and motivational efforts to increase sales do not produce a clear ROI, in many cases because there’s no attempt to measure the results.

Based on research and experiences, most sales incentive programs end up rewarding the top 20% who would have performed anyway and many do little to bring up the performance of the middle 60%.

We put your needs first. Instead of focusing on what type of solution to sell you, we focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals, along with assessing what communications, incentive, recognition, technology, or other resources you already have to reduce costs.

Our evaluation process identifies the clear actions which, if done more often, will yield the desired result and the methods needed to reinforce those behaviors. We only recommend use of outside resources when your organization lacks the internal people or tools to get the job done.

Based on your needs we can bring in a strategic or tactical partner for a full-service or tactical solution carefully vetted based on your requirements.

How We Help Achieve Your Sales Goals

We focus on your goals, opportunities, and obstacles, not on what we wish to sell you. We offer a complimentary, no obligation one-hour discussion about your challenges or goals to test our ability to serve as your strategic partner. We don’t just focus on your top 20%, we focus on the 60% you need to spread your wings if you wish to achieve peak performance.

We design and, when necessary, manage a process that addresses key people and levers of engagement needed to achieve your goals. We do this by using—whenever possible— preexisting resources or filling in the gaps with fully integrated and managed solutions that we help source and manage so you enjoy the seamless efficiency of a single-source solution with complete transparency.

Clear measurement. Using long-established practices long-utilized throughout business we design processes that measure not only sales but the actions related to achieving those results. This helps us to identify not only those who achieve the goals but how they did it.

We start with ROI and build it into every step of the process. Depending on the objective and program the solution might include a full-service approach that identifies the strategy and tactical plan for engaging and equipping the target audience to focus on the actions and goals needed to achieve success. Or, we can help address a narrower territorial or market segment challenge; in either case we use a time-tested, common sense, systematic, and measurable process.

We know the market. The CV Engagement team has over 20 years of experience meeting the most demanding needs of some of the world’s leading brands. We employ a strategic sourcing process that builds the relationships and trust needed to provide clients a seamless, transparent solution with measurable results.

Easy to test. We understand that having ROI-based programs seem too good to be true. We not only can share with you the principles in a discovery call, we enable you to test the process with a small group to compare with other initiatives.

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