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What We Do

A Focus on ROI
and Results

CV Engagement is for organizations ready to achieve greater value and return on investment from their investments in incentive, recognition, loyalty, training, and other engagement efforts.

Smart Sales

Surveys show that up to 80% of organizations run sales training and contests with no clear ROI. CV Engagement brings you practical, measurable solutions you can easily test.

Employee Engagement
With an ROI

Why spend money on recognition, safety, and wellness organizations unless they support critical organizational goals? CV Engagement focuses on your objectives, people, and path to success and ROI.

Inspiring Your Distribution Partners and B2B Customers

CV applies practical, easy-to-test strategies and tactics to measurably increase the performance of your distribution partners and loyalty of B2B customers.

Services Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

Unlike almost any other solution provider in the field, CV Engagement uses its program design, measurement, and outsourced managed services expertise to bring you precisely the solution right for your company.


CV Engagement works with the world’s leading experts in all areas of engagement to bring you precisely the right solutions to achieve your objectives with a clear ROI.

Praise for CV Engagement:

Since joining the CV Engagements program, we've seen a 30% reduction in employee turnover. Our staff has been more motivated than ever and hitting project milestones has happened ahead of schedule. I would recommend CV Engagements to any HR manager that struggle with keeping their employees happy and motivated.
John Doe
HR Manager

We'll show you how our approach can provide a measurable solution to your challenges.