Our Story

Who Are We?​

CV Engagement was founded by Woody Kaye, CEO and founder of Corporate Values, a company that helps brands enhance their stories, promotions, gifting, and other engagement efforts through the selective use of brands and products.

This new division is based on our experience and research that engaging sales and non-sales employees, customers, and distribution partners will become a major priority as the economy endures the impact of the pandemic. Moreover, it takes into account that the current approach to designing sales, employee and channel incentive, recognition, and promotions can benefit from better program design and return-on-investment measurement based on well-established science.

For over 20 years CV has provided managed outsourcing services for some of the world’s best-known brands by allowing them to tell their own stories more effectively through careful selection, presentation, and communication.

Our Strategy

We are using that same strategy to build one of the most effective sources for better-designed incentive, recognition, communications, training, and other engagement programs for sales and non-sales employees, channel partners, and B2B customers.

Working with our partner the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org—the world’s leading learning and resource center for enterprise engagement practices with an ROI—we have assembled a selection of key solution partners in key areas of engagement, including:

  • Brand Architecture
  • ROI Measurement
  • Culture and Recognition
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Human Capital Management and Measurement
  • Enterprise Engagement Technology
  • Incentives, Recognition, Loyalty
  • Or, based on your needs

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