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Distribution Partners, B2B Sales

You know that the ability to achieve mindshare and passion from distributor networks or business-to-business customers differs markedly from sales and non-sales employees because these people do not work for your organization and can have ever-changing loyalties because of ever-changing needs.

Extensive research and common sense proves that to really get their attention you must contribute to helping them achieve their goals, not yours. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We focus on your needs, not on what we sell. Traditional solution providers in distribution engagement services come to you with a specific solution: e.g., incentives, promotions and SPIFFs, technology, training, etc.

We look at your specific situation and internal resources and bring in already vetted world-class solutions, as needed, or seek new ones to meet your specific needs through the managed outsourcing process that’s in our DNA.

How We Achieve ROI-Based Distribution and B2B Partner Engagement

Assess the situation and your value proposition. We take a step back to look at your business from the standpoint of your distribution partners or customers and competitors to identify the potential leverage points. The goal is to add value to your business in a way that can be easily conveyed through your sales and marketing while being supported through already existing communications platforms; this allows us to decide whether outside resources will be necessary.

Managed outsourcing when necessary. Seeking the right engagement solution provider oriented toward an ROI-based process can be a time-consuming process. For over 20 years CV Engagement has served some of the largest and most demanding clients that seek transparent and trustworthy resources; we do all that while providing them with a seamless experience.

A ROI measurement focus from the start. Our engagement process starts with identifying your specific goals, as well as your business and the audience—not on trying to sell you something. The concept of ROI measurement is included from the start.

Create a measurable plan. Through a time and cost-efficient, collaborative, and measurable process, we craft a strategy that moves the right levers, utilizing whenever possible your already-existing platforms. With no pre-prescribed approach or hidden business model considerations, CV Engagement brings you precisely the solution for your situation and budget with complete transparency.

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