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Employee Engagement With an ROI

Business surveys consistently find that only a small percentage of organizations measure the return on investment of employee length-of-service, anniversary, safety, wellness, or referral awards. In fact, most organizations do not have a strategic plan for acting on the findings of employee engagement surveys, nor any formal plan to make sure all their employees are “singing from the same song sheet”.

During tough times it’s tempting to slash programs with no strategic focus other than to cut costs. Whether your business needs to realign all costs toward measurable solutions, or is growing rapidly and needs to make sure people are focusing on the same goals, CV Engagement brings you an easy-to-understand strategic process for: re-engineering traditional incentive, recognition, loyalty, event, learning, and other programs to align your focus on the employee behaviors must critical to your success, including:

  • Serving customers, external and internal
  • Improving productivity and quality
  • Enhancing safety and wellness
  • Improving retention and willingness to recommend
  • Creating brand ambassadors

How We Help You Achieve Employee Engagement ROI

We focus on what you’re trying to accomplish rather than on any products or services we’re trying to sell.

ROI and measurement are our stock and trade. We use a strategic and systematic approach that starts with clear goals, objectives, ROI, and an understanding of your business, situation, and people.

How We Measure Return on Investment. CV Engagement uses long-established ISO 30414 standards-compliant scorecards time-tested in management, a quality management process known as the Master Measurement Model, as well as practices of the ROI Institute to build return-on-investment into everything we do.

Linking actions to organizational goals. The process identifies the audiences needed to achieve the goal, what behaviors or actions are needed to achieve the goal, as well as potential obstacles.

Leveraging your resources. A gap analysis identifies what resources can be leveraged in-house to achieve the communications, learning, inspirational, or other levers needed to engage and equip to maximize efficiency.

Understanding the audience. What your people need to do to accomplish the goal; how can we most efficiently provide the inspiration and tools, track the progress, take corrective actions, and mention the results—including return-on-investment.

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