Case Studies

While CV Engagement is a new division driven by the needs of our customers for completely ROI-based, holistic approaches to achieving their goals, it’s built on 20-plus years of creatively addressing client needs and working with solution providers in a seamless, transparent process designed to achieve clear goals. All the programs below require the same sort of partner vetting and seamless management and coordination provided by our new CV Engagement company, supported by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at—the leading organization in the worldwide engagement field.

Risk Management Training

A client needed an interactive risk management training program based on a Jenga game. After learning about the audience and objectives we offered a custom solution with game pieces assigned different colors to represent a different theme, along with risk management scenarios engraved on the piece. The client reported the trainees were significantly more engaged and facilitators saw increased active participation over previous training programs. To pique the participants interest even more the game was concealed in a custom box designed to mimic an apartment building.

Green Cost Savings

A large multi-national consulting firm was looking for ways to reduce document duplication and delivery expenses for the annual conference in Davos, Switzerland. Originally, it planned to upload the documents to the cloud; however, there were concerns about Wi-Fi and charging access, as well as data security on public networks. After evaluating the situation we proposed a USB coupled with custom packaging including file contents and other useful directory information related to the conference. While USBs may seem outdated they provided a way for the company to save thousands of dollars in both print and international freight costs while still guaranteeing access to the information without relying on questionable networks. The result was seamless delivery of all the information the audience needed in a single thumb drive that was widely used.

Marketing ROI

An international reinsurance company expanded its environmental business by 400% ($2.5 million) in one month in a campaign we proposed that included unique, collapsible, BPA-free sport bottles as part of a national broker mailing campaign. We worked closely with the campaign manager and fulfillment team to maximize graphic impact and mail drop coordination that delivered a clear ROI.

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